Walnut for Teams Lets Revenue Teams Scale Better, Together 

Walnut for Teams

The sales world is a high-pressure space. Everywhere you turn, competition is intense. Only the most convincing salespeople with the best products and services find lasting success.

In this kind of intimidating professional atmosphere, the last thing you want is for your tools to hold you back — especially something as critical as a product demo.

Sales teams need to back up stellar sales demonstrations with high-quality, tailored product demos. This requirement is precisely what inspired the founders of Walnut.io to launch their revolutionary Sales Experience Platform. Now, Walnut is proud to announce the latest addition to its product portfolio: Walnut for Teams.

What is Walnut?

Walnut.io is a tech startup that has exploded in popularity since its launch just 1.5 years ago. Founders Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland established the company with the objective of revolutionizing the traditional concept of the sales demo. They sought to help B2B sellers create more customer-centric sales experiences.

In the past, product demos have tended to restrict the sales process.

Walnut’s groundbreaking Sales Experience Platform turns demos into the most dynamic portion of a sales demonstration. It gives a sales team control over their product demonstrations by allowing them to fully customize each trial for individual audiences.

Walnut accomplishes this with user-friendly, no-code software. This allows sales personnel to seamlessly assemble individualized product demos. These custom demos actually address the unique needs, wants, and requirements of every prospect.

The ultimate goal of Walnut’s platform is to increase conversions and, by extension, a company’s bottom line.

The platform does this by creating a better overall customer sales experience. It also streamlines the sales representative’s work and equips them with the tools (and the confidence) to offer a targeted and relatable presentation.

Walnut for Teams ups the ante on the customized sales experience.

Walnut’s initial Sales Platform Experience has already rewritten the sales script. But the innovative company hasn’t stopped there. In fact, it’s upped the ante through its new Walnut for Teams product.

One of the biggest challenges of any sales team comes as a consequence of sales success. As a product or service sells, a company grows and sales teams must adapt and scale their operations in the process.

While this is an obvious positive, it can create some challenges.

This is particularly relevant when talking about something like personalized demos, which take time to create for each individual client.

Walnut for Teams puts the entire sales team to work to help them scale an organization’s operations. The product uses Walnut’s original tool but streamlines many of the building and decision-making elements involved in making each demo.

For instance, rather than building individual demos from scratch — which, remember, thanks to Walnut is already an intuitive task that wasn’t easily doable before — sales teams can now create customized demos in a matter of seconds.

Automation keeps sales teams focused on selling.

Sales teams do this through the product’s Demo Customization Wizard. This tool allows demo creators to build product walkthrough templates.

These create pre-built demo parameters for a company. Using those templates, sales teams populate the demo with multiple images and text variables at a later date.

This means a sales rep can define the specific content for a particular demo later on down the pipeline. They can do this by entering a prospect’s info into the wizard. After that, they use the tool to populate the template with the appropriate images and text for that particular presentation.

Along with speeding up the creation of individual demos, Walnut for Teams enables the creation of demo libraries. These allow teams to save various demos that have already worked in the past to reuse at a later date.

Sales teams can categorize saved presentations by several parameters. This includes external elements, like market segments, as well as internal factors, such as the stage of the sales funnel or even demos for individual prospects.

To top it off, Walnut for Teams features even more impactful analytics. This starts with the data that is already provided from the company’s flagship Sales Experience Platform.

However, with Walnut for Teams, these metrics can be more precise. They can be made more relevant to a particular prospect and their wants, needs, and areas of interest. This allows for even greater optimization of demos and sales pitches based on legitimate and applicable data.

This data is also made available to everyone on the sales team. This lets them learn from each other’s successes and failures so that they can grow the organization’s sales success together.

Walnut offers a comprehensive approach to demos and presentations.

The business world has been quick to recognize the innovative and applicable nature of Walnut’s mission.

The startup has exploded since its launch in 2020 and has seen rapid growth, including multiple successful funding rounds and a staggering 700% growth rate in the latter half of 2021.

Along with its signature Sales Experience Platform, the company’s new Walnut for Teams enables sales teams to quickly locate, personalize, and deliver high-quality demos.

This frees them up to focus on clients and their needs. They no longer need to divert attention and energy to creating demos from scratch every time they deal with a new prospect.

The forward-thinking nature of Walnut’s approach to business is a key trait for anyone looking for a third-party tool that will be dependable for the long term.

The speed with which the organization developed a follow-up product to enhance its popular original platform shows that it is committed to evolving with both the present and future needs of its clients — something that can help leaders rest at ease as they equip their sales teams with the cutting-edge tools that they need to succeed.

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