Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates

Email Design Tips

Do you want to optimize your email campaign for click-throughs, opens, and conversions? If so, you’ll need to know how to design emails. The following infographic will share seven tips that will give you everything you need to know about designing the perfect marketing email.

Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates

  1. A Catchy Subject Line — It may not seem like it now, but this is the most important aspect of your email. If people don’t open your mail, they will never see the rest of the content you have to offer, so make sure that the subject line is compelling enough for readers to click on it.
  2. Visuals — An appealing design can help capture audiences’ attention before they even open up your mail and start looking at the body text. Make sure that graphics are engaging and not too cluttered so as not to obscure content or be distracting for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Alt Text — While this is important for any kind of visual-based media, even if it is not linked to your email, it is crucial for images and photographs used in your campaign. If alt text is not included with a photo, many email clients will automatically read the descriptive text aloud to the audience when they hover their mouse over the image. If there is no alt text or it falls below industry standards, people may be unable to understand what they are seeing and skip right over the content altogether.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness — Since mobile devices are the most popular and used devices today, it is crucial to ensure that all emails are accessible by their readers on a variety of platforms. Test your campaign on multiple computers, tablets, and smartphones, to see what the efficiency is like for all devices; and if you fail to include one particular device in your campaign or find that it isn’t responding as well as you had anticipated, adjust accordingly.
  5. An Organized Layout — This tip may not seem like much to some readers, but it is still important. Failure to use a standard layout across multiple email campaigns creates an intimidating experience for people going through your content. This may cause wild confusion for your consumers and make them abandon your mail immediately.
  6. Personalized Dynamic Content — This is a great way to keep people on your email list and gain more supporters. Include information that is relevant to what they just received, or build an automated campaign using dynamic content variables (variables such as the recipient’s name, company, product, last transaction, and so on). This way you can draw people in without having to spend as much money or resources.
  7. Optimized Footer — Your footer should include contact information and other valuable tidbits such as when and how often the person went through your mail, what links they visited, what browsers they used to read the content, etc.

Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates
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