7 Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10

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As of late, man-made brainpower has been areas of strength for an in the business and tech area. It offers many advantages to huge associations and people the same, from improving labor force efficiency to giving answers for normal issues. Gartner delivered a report that found something like 33% of organizations are hoping to spend no less than $1 million on AI in the following two or three years. Besides, the business will develop at a build yearly development rate (CAGR) of 33.6% over the course of the following quite a while and will arrive at an expected market size of $360.36 billion by 2028. Normally, this will prompt tremendous potential gain for AI stocks.

The sector includes some of the most powerful tech companies globally with meteoric valuations. Hence, it’s tough to find AI stocks trading under the $10 mark. After careful scrutiny, I’ve picked out seven of the most promising AI stocks that are trading at remarkably cheap valuations:

  • Rekor Systems (NASDAQ:REKR)
  • Duos Technologies Group (NASDAQ:DUOT)
  • Alithya (NASDAQ:ALYA)
  • Lantronix (NASDAQ:LTRX)
  • Ideanomics (NASDAQ:IDEX)
  • Vivint Smart Home (NYSE:VVNT)
  • AudioEye (NASDAQ:AEYE)

AI Stocks to Buy: Rekor Systems (REKR)

Car sitting outside with the sun behind it.
Car sitting outside with the sun behind it.

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Rekor Systems is a supplier of cutting edge vehicle acknowledgment instruments. The organization use video with AI to convey vigorous computerized administrations for its clients. Besides, its AI and AI capabilities take into consideration the successful ID of vehicles and tags. The outcomes have been phenomenal with a top notch administration at lower costs.

The organization is hoping to develop from an immediate deals way to deal with a membership model. The new model is probably going to bring about higher edges and repeating incomes. Incomes during its most recent quarter were up 23% from the earlier year time frame yet essentially down from the past quarter.

As indicated by the administration, the drawn out advantages of its business progress will more than offset its transient misfortunes. In addition, REKR stock could maybe be a magnificent long haul wagered in light of its unimaginable viewpoint.

Duos Technologies Group (DUOT)

Railroad tracks with a junction
Railroad tracks with a junction

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Pairs Technologies is an undertaking that creates mechanized investigation spaces for rail vehicles. It has effectively computerized rail vehicle assessment through its exclusive innovation and plans to fan out into different verticals.

Besides, it expects to move towards a seriously repeating income model and worldwide development. Its mechanized review administrations have given significant expense reserve funds to its clients up until this point.

The organization results have been profoundly uplifting of late. Its incomes during its second from last quarter have become by 36% to $1.74 million. Besides, it estimated its overal deficit for the impending quarter to fall in the $250,000 to $295,000 territory contrasted and a detailed $426,000 in a similar quarter the year before.

Additionally, it expects its net revenues to double this year from last year. Therefore, it has an incredible growth runway ahead which points to a healthy upside with DUOT stock.

AI Stocks to Buy: Alithya (ALYA)

A man working on digital tablet and smart city with binary, html computer code on screen. representing tech stocks
A man working on digital tablet and smart city with binary, html computer code on screen. representing tech stocks

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Alithya Group provides a wide array of digital technology services in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Its services include enterprise architecture services, digital transformation, consulting and other services. Moreover, it provides an integrated AI service called Askida, enabling clients to test the functionality of various applications effectively.

The company financials have been excellent of late. In its most recent quarter, its sales shot up 55.4% to $109.7 million, comfortably surpassing analyst estimates. Moreover, with its recent acquisition of Vitalyst, a transformative change enabler, Alithya is looking to expand its business through acquisitions and merger activity.

Expanding margins and efficient expense management will be two primary goals for the company as it seems to take ALYA stock to new heights.

Lantronix (LTRX)

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Lantronix provides internet of things (IoT) solutions across a range of applications for its customers. Though it operates in a highly competitive sector, its growth rates have been stellar in recent years, with a rapid increase in incomes. Hence, its solid top-line growth can consistently rake in positive income.

It saw tremendous expansion in its top and bottom lines during the pandemic. On a year-over-year basis, its sales have grown by a remarkable 103%.

Looking ahead, the company expects a colossal 57% to 78% bump in year-over-year revenues in fiscal 2022. Margins are also likely to improve over time with the expansion of its software as a service (SaaS) platform. Hence, LTRX stock could perhaps be one of the best AI stocks currently in the market.

AI Stocks to Buy: Ideanomics (IDEX)

A hand holds an electric vehicle battery charger up to a car.
A hand holds an electric vehicle battery charger up to a car.

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Ideanomics is an up-and-coming fintech and EV (electric vehicle) specialist. It operates two segments that use AI to improve outcomes for its userbase. Firstly, its mobility segment offers electrification solutions for commercial fleet operators. This includes forecasting, inventory benchmarking, charging infrastructure and other elements. The other division provides fintech solutions by leveraging technology and innovation.

The business has been growing rapidly, boasting triple-digit revenue growth in the past year. In its most recent quarter, sales improved by 155% to $27 million from the prior-year quarter. Gross margins are also improving, and with well over $250 million in cash, the company has a deep pool of capital to continue advancing its expansion plans.

Its debt load is concerning, so IDEX stock is a relatively risky play. However, it has massive upside potential with its innovative offerings.

Vivint Smart Home (VVNT)

A hand holds a smart phone up with a fancy living room behind it.
A hand holds a smart phone up with a fancy living room behind it.

Source: zhu difeng/ShutterStock.com

Vivint provides a vertically integrated smart home solution to its growing client base. Its services include sales, software, support, hardware and other related aspects. The smart home trend has been growing swiftly, and it stands to benefit hugely.

Its revenues are growing rapidly, but its path to profitability remains a concern. A lot of it is down to its poor distribution strategy, which raises questions on its scalability. Nevertheless, it offers an amazing value proposition that can gain plenty of traction in the coming years. However, VVNT doesn’t come without its risks.

AI Stocks to Buy: AudioEye (AEYE)

A concept image of the International Symbol of Access on a key on a computer keyboard.
A concept image of the International Symbol of Access on a key on a computer keyboard.

Source: Markus Mainka / Shutterstock.com

AEye is an Arizona-based digital accessibility platform. It specializes in making digital content more accessible to people. It offers a holistic solution with an easy setup, legal compliance and other unique features. An estimated 20% of people in the U.S. alone have a disability which equates to 67 million people. Worldwide that number is at around 1 billion.

The company is targeting a colossal $350 billion market, a fraction of which can result in sizeable revenues. It currently has an impressive customer base of 80,000 individuals, which grows with every passing quarter. Hence, AEYE stock has a lot of potential for exponential growth ahead.

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